Shipping times

At Mill Cottage, we know what it’s like to wait for online orders to arrive. Shipping times can be long.

Craftsteading products are sourced from all over the world. To save double-shipping, we don’t warehouse them. They are sent straight to you. Our suppliers often share space inside shipping containers with other small-scale producers. They might have to wait until one of these shared containers is full of goods, before the ship can sail.

Containers that are half-empty are not only uneconomical but also bad for the environment, because it takes almost as many resources to drive a partly empty ship across the sea as to drive a fully-laden one.

Shipping times can vary from around 2 weeks to up to 8 or 9 weeks.

shipping times

Why do we prefer sea freight? It’s generally more environmentally friendly than air freight, with a lighter carbon footprint. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the UK conducted a study on greenhouse gases emitted by both air and sea freight.

Zen Waiting

There’s way of waiting that not only takes away the frustration, but also makes you feel better! We call it “Zen Waiting”.
“Kshanti” is the Buddhist perfection of patience, constancy and acceptance. Modern medical research has found that kshanti is good for you. Acceptance boosts your inner peace, and even your emotional and physical health.

To Zen Wait, simply replace any impatience with calm, happy thoughts and activities. Half-forget about your order (it’s fine, it’s on its way) and just go on living your best life.

When you Zen Wait, you get:

  • the pleasure of seeing and buying something you love
  • the excitement of knowing it’s on its way to you
  • the benefit of inner peace
  • the joy of receiving it, especially when you’d partially put it out of your mind, so it comes as a pleasant surprise, like a gift.

You can use Zen Waiting in every part of your life, if you’d like more peace and tranquillity.