The Craftsteading Podcast

Save money, get happy, relax and find your creativity by making stuff out of plants you grow, forage or buy. And even monetize your hobbies!

Craftsteading is about self-sufficiency, making things, lost trades and traditional heritage skills. It’s about prepping for survival or calming your thoughts with mindful handicrafts.

Grow your own brooms, cordage, dyes, baskets, containers and more. Or forage for them or even buy them! Each month we’ll bring you a new podcast, so be sure to “follow” us.

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Craftsteading podcast topics include:

PLANTS USED FOR BASKETRY – Grow your own basket-making materials or forage for them. The list of basketry plants is much longer than you’d have thought!

LAVENDER – Learn more about one of the world’s favourite plants. It’s fragrant, edible, medicinal and can be used in many ways you might not have thought of!

 GOURDS: growing, drying, carving, cutting and decorating gourds to make useful containers and more

CORDAGE: how to make string, twine and rope out of natural plant fibres growing in your garden.

BOTANICAL JEWELLERY: The traditional craft of making necklaces, bracelets etc. out of seeds and other plant materials.

NATURAL DYES – The three sources of natural dyes, the accidental discovery of manufactured dyes, and the strange stories of Carmine and Tyrian Purple.

 DYE PLANTS: Grow dye plants in your own garden, to dye textiles in a rainbow of beautiful natural colours.

There are many more topics, so tune in and find out!