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Videos for Craftsteaders #4 Grandpa Amu

Grandpa Amu
Grandpa Amu

Grandpa Amu’s YouTube channel has 1.42 million subscribers at the time I’m writing this post. No wonder it’s so popular, because Grandpa Amu is a genius at making things, and what’s more, he makes them with old-fashioned hand tools. His skill and patience are extraordinary. He’s a master carpenter. Most of his videos are about handicrafts and delicious food. His channel is informative and inspiring, and it’s relaxing to watch him work.

Cheryl Heng reported in the South China Morning Post on 29 Sep, 2020:
“Grandpa’s an internet star: Chinese carpenter’s traditional woodworking skills wow millions online, but he says ‘I’m just an ordinary farmer’.
“Wang Dewen, known on the internet as Grandpa Amu, creates works of art without glue, screws or nails – all filmed by his son who uploads the process online
“Wang’s viral fame has brought improvements to his home village, and the local government has built a ‘Grandpa Amu’ attraction to bring in tourists.
“His woodworking videos – showing him building everything from furniture to bridges and lanterns using traditional methods – have become on online sensation, earning him more than 2.8 million fans on the Chinese short video app Xigua Video. His fame has translated internationally too, garnering over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube.”

Location: CHINA

Here are some examples of his videos. First, “Grandpa Amu uses bamboo roots to make tea cans, small bamboo baskets, pen holders and bamboo horns”.

And here’s an example of Grandpa Amu’s woodworking skills: “The principle of Luban lock to create tables and stools, detachable assembly, easy to carry.”

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Videos for Craftsteaders #2 Eugenio Monesma


The YouTube channel of Eugenio Monesma documents lost rural trades. Craftsteaders will find it fascinating!

YouTube channel of Eugenio Monesma

Channel intro:

“I am Eugenio Monesma, producer and director of ethnographic documentaries. After more than 40 years of producing documentary television series on lost trades, our festivals, traditions, legends, traditional gastronomy, customs and rituals, I have come to constitute one of the most important archives in Spain with more than three thousand ethnographic documentaries.

“Currently, social networks allow access to all kinds of information. That is why I have made the decision to gradually upload to my YouTube channel “Eugenio Monesma – Documentaries” all the documentaries made since the beginning of the nineties, so that they can be enjoyed by all those interested. for our traditions and customs.

“You can follow me on my Facebook page (@EugenioMonesma), TikTok (@eugenio_documentales) and Instagram (@EugenioMonesma) to find out about the next premieres of the channel, news and more information about the documentaries.”

Location: SPAIN

Here’s a sample of one of his interesting videos. It’s about making pitchforks.

Hand-made pitchforks

Watch Eugenio’s video abut how to make ropes with vegetable fibers.