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Vikings Part 4: Weaving on Weaving Sticks

Weaving on Weaving Sticks

Weaving on weaving sticks is a medieval craft that makes thin strips of woven fabric. These thin strips can then be used as they are, or else stitched together side by side to make a wider piece of fabric.

Weaving sticks in use

The sticks for stick weaving are usually made of wood. They can be of various thicknesses, most often about ¼ to ½ inch (6mm to 12mm). One end of the stick is tapered to a dull point. The other end has a hole through it. Stick weaving is done with two or more sticks held in the hand. 

I hope to be able to offer weaving sticks to Craftsteaders in the future. We can. however, offer a lovely range of beautiful cotton yarns.

Meanwhile over on YouTube, Alison Russell teaches you how to make your own weaving sticks from felt pens and Little Bird shows you how to weave with sticks.

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Vikings Part 2: Nålebinding


One of my favorite Viking textile crafts is nålebinding (Danish: literally “binding with a needle” or “needle-binding”, also naalbinding, nålbinding, nålbindning or naalebinding).

nalbinding needle
Nalbinding needles

This is a fabric creation technique predating both knitting and crochet. It’s also known in English as “knotless netting,” “knotless knitting,” or “single needle knitting.”

Vikings and Anglo-Saxons used nålebinding to make hats, socks, gloves and mittens. People would use different stitches to create varied textile patterns and thickness. Whilst over 30 different nalbinding stitches exist today, the evidence from grave sites suggest the Vikings only used three stitch types.

Shop for nålebinding needles here, and knit like the Vikings.

Find out how to do nålebinding here: Nalbinding For Beginners Part 1 – Getting Started. By Ylva The Red

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Vikings Part 1: Clothing & Jewelry


Vikings. Why do we love them? Some historians think it’s because Viking men are usually portrayed as strong, macho, and powerful. Or perhaps it’s because we admire their seafaring prowess, their cool costumes and their mythology.

For whatever reason, Vikings inhabit the popular imagination. People have become even more obsessed with Vikings lately, due to pop culture movies and TV shows. The Thor movies in the Marvel Universe, and the TV series “Vikings” are examples.

viking shirt
Viking-inspired shirt

I originally included a Viking and Anglo-Saxon section in my online store after I learned about the intriguing knitting and weaving techniques of the Vikings. Vikings were more than just raiders and pillagers – they were craftspeople and makers, too. I didn’t expect that this category in my shop would prove to be one of the most popular! Customers love the clothing and the jewelry.

Viking jewelry

Viking runes and Norse knotwork inspire beautiful jewelry designs. And of course the Vikings never used zippers or Velcro, so their garments were usually fastened with pins or brooches. Vikings were skilled metalworkers.

HINT: Type the word “Viking” into the search box above, and you’ll find a lot of Viking treasures!