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Videos for Craftsteaders #1 Sally Pointer

There are many enthralling videos on YouTube that fit pretty closely with the Craftsteading ethos, such as Sally Pointer on YouTube. Stumbling across new channels has been a delight. Over the next few posts I’m going to mention some of them.

Sally Pointer on YouTube

Sally Pointer on YouTube brings you objects, skills, and inspiration from the past, to enrich the future. Find her website at
Sally is a heritage educator, researcher, maker and demonstrator of traditional skills based in the UK, and works with museums and heritage organisations worldwide to promote an understanding of the past through hands on experience.
She posts about ancient technology, craft skills, foraging, food, costuming and some of the adventures she goes on.


Here’s her video about stinging nettles.

Sally Pointer – nettle fiber

And here’s Sally Pointer’s video about harvesting lime bast for cordage and basketry.