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Welcome to the world of Craftsteading.

Use plants to make (almost) anything.

Sally Gardens @ Craftsteading
Sally Gardens

What is craftsteading?

Craftsteading is about self-sufficiency, making things with your hands, lost trades and bush-craft. It’s about prepping for hard times or relaxing with mindful handcrafts.

You can learn how to make useful and beautiful things to share with your friends and family, using home-grown plants from your garden, or raw materials foraged from the wild. And if you’re not into gardening or foraging – that’s fine! You’re in the perfect place to shop for supplies, right here.

The Craftsteading Supplies and Goods Store

We have always loved growing, gathering or buying plants and using them to make things. Until recently, we’ve been sharing our passion via our podcast and Instagram. Craftsteaders sometimes ask how they can get hold of raw craftsteading materials or even finished items, so that prompted us to to set up an online store.

Check back now and then to see what’s new. We’re adding more beautiful, useful items all the time. Or find us on Instagram.

Welcome, and happy browsing!

~ Andy & Sally Gardens