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Videos for Craftsteaders #5 Hanna Van Aelst

Location: IRELAND

Hanna Van Aelst basketry
Hanna Van Aelst

Hanna Van Aelst is highly skilled at basketry. She is a talented artist and basket-maker. Her YouTube channel is enthralling to me, as a craftsteader. Hanna grows her own willow at her country property in Tipperary, Ireland. She lives with her family, “off-grid in the forest on a mountain” and her website can be found here.

Hanna’s videos include information about how to grow willow, harvest it, grade it, and prepare it for basketry, as well as some basic basketry tutorials. Sometimes she makes videos about her many other interests, or philosophical musings. I love every one of her videos and always look forward to new ones.

Below is a selection of two of Hanna’s videos that fellow craftsteaders will enjoy.

Basketmaking for beginners: the base

Catalan tray made from foraged materials (tension tray, easy weaving project).